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Dr. Isom, N.D.

“Holistic rather than conventional medicine will gradually become the mainstream health plan of choice in the 21st century” – Dr. Isom, N.D.

Dr. Angelo Isom is a graduate of New York University, Columbia University, Georgia State University and Clayton College of Natural Healing. He holds several degrees in various fields including psychology, philosophy, teaching methods, education and naturopathy and numerous other certifications. He is a male health adviser, martial arts lineage holder and researcher.

Dr. Isom’s experiences in healing encompass multiple areas of research and study. Some of these areas include acupuncture, qi gong, yoga, internal martial arts, energy healing, human sexuality, western and eastern herbs, diet and nutrition.

Dr. Isom has been fortunate to study cultural healing methods and herbs while visiting such countries as Brazil, Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, Haiti, Jamaica,Panama and Puerto Rico. Dr. Isom is CEO and director of Life is Healing Institute, a holistic wellness ministry. Over the years, he has counseled many clients seeking to achieve optimal fitness and health.

Dr. Isom’s approach to healing and rejuvenation focuses upon the cultivation of vital energy of qi, grounding, internal cleansing, eating according to the seasons, mind/body balance, and lifestyle.