Are You Healthy for Sex?


Are You Healthy for Sex?
By Dr. Angelo Isom, ND

Am I healthy enough for sex is a question seldom asked by most men due to cultural expectation, male pride or self-denial? Most men naturally assume that the function and ability to have sex is their God given right and will happen without thought. In today’s society such notions can no longer be considered the norm. This is largely due to our over exposure to synthetic estrogens, poor diet, obesity and limited arenas for expression of one’s manhood.

What it means to be a man is constantly being defined and redefined. The new norms are ambiguous to many. The medical community keeps promising and selling us on a better sex life via Cialis and Viagra. The normal reference range for the average man’s healthy testosterone level has declined significantly in the past 50 years. Our hormonal system has become more confused and unregulated by our body than ever in the history of man.

“Are You Healthy for Sex?” clearly highlights areas of concerns most men need to be aware of. Learn how you can offset hormonal decline and restore your body to optimal sexual health. Start making preparations now to revitalize your sex life with the knowledge presented in this book.