I am the co-founder of Life Is Healing. My name is Cathy Blackburn Isom, and I am a Holistic Lifestyle Mentor and Reiki Master.  Dr. Angelo Isom and have worked together closely as a team for over 15 years. During that time, we have helped a lot of our clients achieve the lifestyle changes they desired.

My passion for living a healthy lifestyle started early in my career. This quest began in my early 30’s when I started to have health challenges of my own. I searched tirelessly for answers and realized that changes had to be made to get the results I desired. Slowly I started by eliminating one food item at a time from my diet. I joined a gym, started walking, added more raw foods to my diet, and eliminated unhealthy sugar. 

This journey wasn’t easy, but it was definitely worth it. The results of my well-deserved efforts paid off and I started to feel better. My energy levels increased, and I found a renewed sense of confidence. It is also rewarding to help our clients feel this same sense of accomplishment for themselves. I look forward to sharing my many years of expertise with you and it is my goal to lead by example.

The knowledge that I have acquired over the years include healthy meal prep solutions and how to eat according to the seasons. I am also a certified qigong practitioner, health and wellness coach, published author and most recently a survivalist prepper. 

This journey lead me to write my own self empowering and inspirational book. This book includes healthy food choices, pantry organization skills and more. My book is titled Cook, Eat and Lose and it contains vital trans-formative information and strategies. My basic philosophical quote simply states, “Change the way you eat and change your life.” I truly enjoy being a living example of how eating well and living a holistic lifestyle can change your life.