Cathy Blackburn

Cathy Blackburn is a Holistic Lifestyle Mentor. She is the co-founder to The Life Is Healing Institute. Cathy has worked with Dr. Angelo Isom ND professionally for many years. She has received intense one or one training in various areas of holistic health such as qi gong, herbal medicine, diet and nutrition, weight loss and internal martial arts such as Tai Chi and Bagua Zhang. Cathy is also a certified Aroma/Touch Massage Therapist and Wellness Advocate for doTerra Essential Oil International.

Cathy Blackburn is also the author of her own self empowering and inspirational book on healthy food choice and preparations entitled Cook, Eat and Lose published on Her new book contains vital trans-formative information and strategies to change the way we eat and cook food. Cathy Blackburn basic philosophical quote simply states, “Change the way you eat and change your life.” She is truly a living example of eating well and living a holistic lifestyle in radiant health.