Services and Programs

Wellness Consultation
Our Wellness Consultation consists of learning basic principles of healthy living and eating habits. You can schedule an appointment with us to gain deeper insight on how to improve your immune system, increase vitality, detox, lose weight, meditate and achieve a deep sense of well-being. Our consults can vary between 30 minutes up to 1 1/2 hour. Our fee schedule is listed below on this page. If you are interested in setting an appointment with us, please leave your contact information in our contact us box.
basicholistic2Basic & Holistic Health Evaluations
These health evaluations can be conducted over the phone in order to determine which alternative treatments or therapies are appropriate to reduce/eliminate illness(es) and restore optimal health. Please leave your detail information in our contact us box.
Stress Reduction
This consists of stress management through the use of long distance (Reiki), Qi-Gong mind body therapeutic healing methods, guided imagery meditation. Discover the ancient secrets to lead a life of balance, calm and infinite fulfillment. Leave your detail information in our contact us box.
Your journey to life mastery is about to begin.
Pain Relief
Pain relief is brought about through the use of acupressure, needle-less acupuncture, bio-magnetic therapy, TENS, deep heat therapy near Infrared therapy, hot and cold herbal liniments and oils, neural muscular or meridian massage, and cupping. These methods provide relief of headaches, arm pain, leg pain, neck pain and back pain. Due to the covid pandemic we are only providing teleconferences and long distance(remote) Reiki Healing to help mitigate pain and stress. An appointment can be set up by leaving your name, phone number and message in our contact us box.
Nutritional Counseling
Nutritional counseling helps to improve one’s health through diet and strengthen the immune system. Thus, making the transition from a meat-based diet to a plant base diet (vegetarianism) less difficult. There are foods that heal and foods that kill. Counseling is given in the proper usage of food supplements, vitamins, minerals, herbs and detoxing the body gradually, which assists in avoiding an uncomfortable healing crisis. Learn how to eat according to your constitutional type, lifestyle and the four seasons to maintain balance between the inner and outer ecology of the body temple. Find out about our latest new tips here.
Natural Weight Loss
Our natural weight loss process is designed to cleanse, regulate the metabolism and rebuild a leaner body without dangerous diet products and chemicals. Begin by knowing your total body composition reading. We will help retrain your metabolism to burn fat more efficiently even without exercises. Understand how carbs and fats can be friend or foe. You can get started today by ordering your copy of Cook, Eat, and Lose by Cathy Blackburn on or just click our link on this site. Click here for your keto diet plan
Qigong is a form of ancient Chinese yoga that is used to recover and maintain health by regulating one’s posture breathing and energy (Chi). Its main function is healing and rejuvenation. Some forms include standing, sitting, lying and moving (Tao Yin and Medical Qigong). We teach Medical Qigong and Martial Arts Qigong for health and fitness. Our basic program begins by learning the Taoist 5 Organ Qigong. Life Is Healing offers a Qigong instructional manual guide and DVD for your learning curve. Our step by step easy to follow 11/2-hour instructional DVD at a cost of only $24.95 will teach you how to perform Qi Gong correctly.
This DVD also known as the 5 Element Qigong will also help you to understand how and when it should be applied to restore, regenerate and integrate balance in the body matrix. If interested to set up purchase for your DVD Digital Copy click the following link.Medical Qigong for self-healing">For more information visit here Medical Qigong for self-healing We are also working on a certification qigong program for those who are interested in becoming a Qigong therapist.
Internal Martial Arts (Kung-Fu)
We teach private classes only on Tai Chi Chuan principles, Ba Gua Zhang, Wing Chun, Basic Self-Defense for women and men and Shaolin Mantis These arts are used for building radiant health, cultivating vital energy and self-defense. A personal interview will be conducted via phone/zoom to determine your eligibility.
Leave your name, phone number and level of interest in the contact us box and we will get in touch with you. Thank you.
For more information visit here
The Male Sexual Warrior by Dr. Angelo Isom, ND, MQT

The Male Sexual Warrior by Dr. Angelo Isom, ND, MQT

Male Sexual Warrior Program
If you are experiencing male related issues such as erectile dysfunction that has diminished your level of intimacy view our recent book, For more information visit Our sexual potency recovery program may be what you need. Let us figure out what is right for you. We will provide a customized holistic plan to help you enhance and recover your male sexual health. Feel free to set up a personal consultation with us by leaving your name, phone number and message in our contact us box.
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Fee Schedule
1 1/2 Hour Individualized Phone/Zoom Consultation - $175
Long Distance Reki Healing - $75
30 Minute Follow -Up on Plan - $65