The Sexual Warrior Within

The Sexual Warrior Within
The Holy Grail of the Male Sexual Warrior, 

(First Edition)
by Dr. Angelo Isom N.D.

The paradigm of sexual health in the future will be based on mind, body, energy flow integration rather than on the mere use of pharmaceuticals, hormone replacement or steroidal compounds. Dr. Angelo Isom enlightens us on the fine points of the male sexual warrior within health utilizing safe non-invasive modalities such as eastern and western herbal compounds, cycling with seasonal rotation, testosterone diet and Chinese energetic sexual tantra practices. Dr. Isom describes many of the sexual esoteric guarded secrets that are kept away from the mainstream population and privileged to only a few well-informed individuals.

The Sexual Warrior Within (first edition) captures both theory and practice while offering a multitude of alternative approaches and solutions. This book encompasses the physics of male sexuality in addition to presenting a complete examination of the more compelling sexual issues that need to be addressed. The essential information contained in the content of this book can easily be understood and applied by the layman and may be acceptable to other professional canvassing for new ideas and solutions.