The 5 Yin Organs Qigong, DVD

The 5 Yin Organs Taoist Medical Qigong (Instructional DVD)

The 5 Yin Organs Taoist Medical Qigong (Instructional DVD)
By Dr. Angelo Isom, ND

Learn this lost and recovered ancient healing exercise and mind sculpting principles formerly privileged to only non- secular esoteric monks. It is called 5 yin organ qigong or Medical Qigong and can be used by almost anyone to accelerate the body’s internal healing potential. All healing comes from the body and is directed by its flow of qi or life force energy.

This form of qigong known as the 5-yin organ qigong is practiced by millions of people around the world especially those living in China are seeing almost miraculous results from practicing,

The 5 Yin Organs Taoist Medical Qigong. Learn how you too can incorporate these simple movements, postures and meditative self-healing breathing exercises in your daily healing routine to improve recovery from illness, health or emotional imbalances.

This is the instructional DVD that guides you through properly facilitating a deeper understanding of Medical Qigong and its numerous benefits. Run time 1 hour and 42 minutes.