Spiritual Technology, Tools and Methods

The Spiritual Technology, Tools and Methods was written for the lay spiritual seeker whose quest is to expand their consciousness outside the matrix. I always believed that there is more to reality than what we perceive by our 5 senses. There is more to the light spectrum than what we see with our eyes. Science confirms the existence of the visible and invisible spectrum of light. Is it possible that another world could exist inside the mirror that is a parallel reflection of our own? These are some of the thoughts and mysteries that I have been seeking answers to for many years.

This book will help to guide spiritual seekers to uncover the mysteries to their own path. Once this path is discovered one can intuitively understand the true nature of reality. I knew that finding and mastering a spiritual discipline such as meditation would allow me to journey into the spiritual realm without using drugs. In my quest, I needed to know how long would it take to achieve spiritual mastery inside a physical body? My best guess was 20 years, or 20 lifetimes or who knows? No one wants to follow a guru around for 20 years for him to finally reveal his secrets. There must be a way to decrease the time to accomplish this task.

Traditional approaches are too slow and difficult. Many would start and few would persist. Building a pathway to heaven is almost like building the Towel of Babel. After many years of searching and struggling with this goal, I finally understood what was needed. What we need is a form of spiritual technology that is not too esoteric and easy to practice on a daily basis. Our Spiritual Technology guide will show you how to accomplish this goal in the shortest amount of time for your spiritual evolution.